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Life Before Birth,
Cosmic Consciousness
Alternate Realities

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The Book


Consciousness is always fluctuating; transforming us in order to move from one reality into another. This happens repeatedly throughout our life. It is this alternating awareness that brings us back and forth from what we were to what we are.  One of these alternate realities is what we describe as death. Death is no less a form of cognitive awareness than many others we experience on a long journey toward awakening.

Through this book, the author describes what it was like as his own consciousness moved into physical form while being born. He also describes our perception of reality by way of scientific explanation, as well as through spiritual philosphy. As the reader is taken on a journey of endless possibility, the reason for our existence is proffered. Reality is revealed as a state of mind that is dependent on every person's perception of their life and the world they experience around them.

Explore the mystery of existence, our deep connection to the universe and realize why none of us should ever be afraid of our own death.


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Transformation describes the author's experience of moving from purely conscious existence into physical life. From that profound moment, it then goes on to explain how we exist before birth and continue long after death.

Through modern physics and ancient philosophies, the author indicates how consciousness never ceases but merely changes while moving in and out of various realities. These alternate realities, drawn from years of scientific observation and experimentation, suggest even our own reality may not truly be what we think.

Pulling from his own knowledge, the author connects the dots to reveal how all spiritual belief follows the same unlderlying theme from one culture to the next. In the end, science validates those many possibilites that ancient philosophies have long promoted.

The wonder of human life is nothing less than a stepping stone toward higher awareness. It is merely a beginning to the adventure of our long journey toward enlightenment.

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About the Author, R A Blayney

R A Blayney has traveled from spiritual consciousness into what we have all come to know as the physical world. It was an awakening journey that brought him from a reality beyond words to what we know as existence today. He has partaken in the study of Eastern philosophies and spiritual practices throughout his life. R A Blayney has also spent time inside temples that were nestled in the Appalachian mountain ranges of North America where he studied Hindu philosophies while meditating on self-awarness for months at a time.

The author has also owned and operated several businesses, all of which he created from scratch. He has written books in the past based on his endeavors. 

Some of what he has learned, along with gleaned insights, are listed in his own words as follows:  

"Life is truly enigmatic. Some of us see this for what it is, while others grapple for an answer to the riddle.  

"I wrote Transformation in 2012. Seeing how we search the meaning of existence, I felt it worth describing the events that occurred throughout my life, along with those things which gave me hope to push on toward higher peaks. Consciousness is a marvel and the reason for our existence need never remain a mystery. All of us are able to discover our true selves and to know the meaning of why we are here. I felt if I shared my own thoughts, experiences and feelings, it could shed some light on that meaning."

   Reader Reviews

What readers have been saying after reading 'Transformation'

"There are a lot of books out there which describe peoples' experience of seeing an afterlife when they briefly die and are then brought back by medical doctors. This book looks at that possibility from the opposite side. The author has retained his memory of existing as pure consciousness as he was being born. I guess, in a way, you could say that physical life is the 'near death experience' for all those who are aware of their existence as higher consciousness before coming into this life.

I let someone close to me read this book, because I felt it was very different from descriptions of the typical 'near death experience'. It examines a host of topics that are all related and connected to consciousness, spiritual existence and so many other things that it would take a short story length to list them all. My friend has been a self-admitted atheist for as long as I've known her, always claiming she was sure that after we die, we just don't exist anymore. But after reading the book, she confessed it left her feeling there was something beyond death. It apparently struck some chords which made her remember certain things that were also described in the book. I have since lent the book to some other people I know and they have all come back with similar stories of how it struck them each in very personal ways. All have said they found the descriptions and explanations fascinating and thought provoking.

If you have read other books about personal near death experiences with descriptions of heaven or nirvana but are still unconvinced, give this book a read. It is definitely quite different. Each chapter unleashes more historical accounts and explanations, until the information becomes more and more convincing. There are scientific explanations to back up everything else and to sufficiently 'blow your mind'! Some of the quantum theory can be a bit overwhelming but it is written in layman's terms so that it can be understood by most.

This is something quite unusual during a time when everybody and their uncle seems to be having a near death experience! Yet, it is based on centuries, if not thousands of years, of recorded accounts. Well worth the read."

*****  5 Stars
Rick T

"Mind blowing stuff! After reading this book, I now look at life, people and the whole world in a completely different way."

***** 5 Stars

"I always read the introduction of a book to get a sense of whether I might like it.  Reading the book jacket or the back cove usually helps as well. I read the introduction to this one. It immediately hooked me. Then I leafed through the pages and began reading chapter 4, The Power of Knowing. After a few pages, I began thinking, what the heck is going on here? I then went back and began from chapter 1.

What did I learn from this (rhetorical question)? I had to get a sense from each chapter as it went along. It seems the first four chapters build up to something, which starts at the early part of the first chapter. Then the middle chapters move in another direction.  I learned a lot
from chapter 5 to 8. The first four chapters seem to be more about the author's experiences and why he wrote this book.  Then 5 to 8 go on about scientific evidence and some philosophical pondering.

What I mean is you can't just pick up this book and start reading it somewhere in the middle. It builds up from the beginning and adds more observations and experiences in order to get to where the author seems to be steering things. If you read this book from start to end, it does paint a very clear picture, although I am not sure if these things are what I want to believe. I do like the rosier stories of people having near death experiences and being pulled into a world of love and heavenly embrace. Transformation seems to be describing something more ominous in the sense of what Buddhists preach...that none of us live one life and are then taken into God's heavenly embrace after death. Instead, this story is one of continuous existence in changing forms. I do remember many of my dreams and the whole death and pre-birth experience does seem to mirror many of those more vivid ones.

I guess the bottom line is this. If you want to believe that everything will be okay and that once you die you soar with the angels, read some of those other books, like 'Heaven is for Real' or 'Proof of Heaven'. If you're not sold on those versions of life and death and think we are all in for much more, then read this book in order to find the way to break the cycle of life and rebirth and the whole reincarnation shtick."

***** 5 Stars
Mel N

"Wow! This is a fascinating book. The author deals with subjects such as life before birth, near death experience and parallel universes, refering to his own life and to concepts in modern physics. Also covered are the beliefs of the Australian aborigines, the Tibetan book of the dead and other intriguing topics. Very interesting and easy to read.

Only gave it 4 stars because I don't know enough about quantum mechanics to make a sound judgement."

**** 4 Stars
Mary M

"Very thought provoking stuff!"

***** 5 Stars
Brent J


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